Arrival & Departure Procedures

St. Francis Pre-School would like to set out the procedures for bringing and collecting children at the beginning and end of the session.

It is necessary to set out these procedures clearly so that there is no confusion for the parents, carers, children or staff and to ensure the children's safety during these procedures.


The opening time for the morning session is 8:30am or 9:00am

For the lunchtime session it is 11:30am

For the afternoon session it is 12:30pm

When arriving at the group parents/carers should:

  • ensure that their child is marked in the register
  • ensure that their child is settled and staff are aware you are leaving


The closing time for the morning session is 11:30am

For the lunchtime session it is 12:30pm

For the afternoon session it is 3:30pm

Parents/carers should ensure that:

  • you arrive on time to collect your child
  • you notify staff is somebody else is collecting your child and ensure that it is recorded
  • any adult collecting your child is aware of these procedures

The staff, group insurance and group registration only enables the group to provide care within the times stated above, therefore it is important to inform staff if you or the person collecting your child are likely to be late.  This enables staff to alleviate any distress caused to your child, as well as make any necessary arrangements to care for your child until you arrive.

If staff are unable to contact you and have had no contact from you within 30 mins of the closing time, staff will try to contact other emergency numbers on your child's registration form.

If staff make contact with the person identified on the registration form then they will be asked to collect your child for you.  Staff will record this and ask them to sign to confirm the record.  they will be asked to make you aware they have your child in their care, and a message  will be left by the group to notify you of the arrangement.  The child does not leave the premises with anyone other than those named on the registration form.

If staff are unable to  make contact with you or any person identified by you within one hour of the closure time, we apply the procedures for uncollected children.

It is extremely important that emergency contact numbers are kept up to date, as only adults identified by you will be allowed to take your child out of the group.

The staff/group will only release your child to an adult or responsible person.  By this we mean somebody over the age of 14 years, unless written instructions are given by you to the contrary.