A Typical Day in the Pre-School

Morning & Afternoon Sessions

When a child enters the pre-school they are greeted by staff and their name is entered on to the register.  They are encouraged to hang up their own coat and bag on their named hook.   They are then asked to choose their name from the table and stick it on the board.


The "focus" table

The children are then free to go to a toy or an activity that interests them. The toys are arranged on tables, each with a different theme.  These include puzzles, construction toys, play-doh, vehicles and a sand or water table.  The toys are rotated on a daily basis form our large selection to ensure there is something new to interest and engage the child at each session and that the child's needs are being met.  At each session we have a "focus" table which will have a key-worker led activity that children are invited to participate in.  These activities follow the EYFS and are structured to enable the key-worker to assess the child's development of key skills including comprehension, fine motor skills, turn taking, problem solving, mathematics and speech.


Finger painting

We also have a "craft" table where children can create something that is tied into the letter of the week or a topic we are studying.  Examples include threading pasta necklaces for T week, making sparkly stars for S week and making spiky hedgehogs for H week.  A member of staff sits with the children and helps them where necessary whilst encouraging them to have a go by themselves.

Other areas include the "quiet" corner where children are able to sit comfortably and read books.  A "home" corner where children are able to dress up in a variety of costumes and use the play kitchen. Finally, a large format interactive touchscreen computer which has a variety of engaging educational games. During this time the key-workers that are not engaged in a specific activity move between the tables stimulating play and conversation.

garden toys

Some of our garden toys

After an hour of free play, where the children are able to move between tables as they please, the door is opened to the playground and the children are able to go in and out  as they please.  The playground has a selection of activities which are also rotated on a daily basis and is a mirror of the inside for free flow play. The staff move between areas ensuring that staff to child ratios are maintained.

Half way through the session a snack is served.  The children are asked if they would like a drink or snack and sit at the table in small groups.  The key-workers encourage the children to try new fruit and vegetables and talk to the children about eating healthily. Once the garden door has been open for an hour, a large part of the playground is cleared of toys and a selection of activity toys are brought out.  This includes bikes and trikes, hula hoops and footballs.  The children are encouraged to take part in a more structured activity involving these toys.  This may also include dancing and movement games or a whole group activity involving the parachute.  In the event of bad weather, the children are led in an exercise or dance session indoors. Half an hour before the end of the session the children come in from the playground and help to tidy away the toys.  They then go to the "quiet" corner where a key-worker will read a story and lead the group in a singing session. Each child's name is called as their parent or carer arrives to collect them.

Lunch Club

During lunch club the children sit in groups at the tables and eat their packed lunches.  The key-workers help the children where necessary and talk to them about healthy eating.  Half the session is taken up with structured play.