Special Educational Needs

We at St. Francis aim to provide a welcome and appropriate learning opportunity for all children. A full copy of our Special Educational Needs policy and the DFEE Code of Practice on Special Needs are available to parents on request.

We aim to provide equality for all members of the group, and this includes children with special educational needs. The number of staff present in the pre-school enables us to provide individual attention for each child. Each child is able to progress at his/her own rate in all areas of development, and this is true for children with and without disabilities or learning difficulties. We are experienced in working in close liaison with professionals across the range of special needs, and we operate in accordance with the government’s code of practice on special educational needs. If you would like to discuss the groups ability to meet your child’s needs, please speak to the pre-school Co-ordinator or Senco. A copy of our special educational needs policy is available to parents on request.

  • Children with special needs are admitted to St.Francis after consultation between the parents and the pre-school Co-ordinator. This is the same procedure with all children starting at St.Francis.
  • Our aim is to provide for the developmental needs of all children in the group.
  • All children in the group are encouraged wherever possible to participate in all the groups activities.
  • We have a system of observation and record keeping which enables us to monitor children’s needs and progress on an individual basis.
  • The needs and progress of children who have special educational needs are also monitored by our Senco – Tracey Fuller.
  • Our keyworker system ensures that each member of staff is responsible for a small group of children, so each child receives plenty of time, encouragement and help in the group.

We work with parents to ensure that:

  • We draw upon the knowledge and expertise of parents when planning for their children.
  • A child with special needs progress is shared and discussed with their parents and together an IEP will be agreed to support and meet these needs.
  • If we feel that we cannot meet the needs of individual children without additional staff or equipment, funding will be sought to provide for these needs.
  • We work in liaison with all relevant professional agencies to meet children’s specific needs.
  • Our staff attend in-service training on special needs and inclusive practice.  The groups Senco and Deputy Senco attend designated training every three years and have re-fresher courses every year.