Safeguarding Children

This policy applies to all adults, including volunteers and students working in or on behalf of St.Francis Pre-School and is in line with the London Child Protection Procedures  “ Working together to safeguard children ” (2010)

Everyone working in St.Francis is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of all of its children.  Every child’s welfare is of paramount importance.

A full copy of our Safeguarding Children Policy is available to parents on request.

We Recognise that:

  • Some children may be especially vulnerable to abuse.
  • Children who are abused or neglected may find it difficult to develop a sense of self worth and to view the world in a positive way and while at St.Francis, their behaviour may be challenging.
  • Children can be victims and perpetrators of abuse.
  • Children who harm others may have been abused themselves.
  • Allegations can be made against staff, however careful and safe our recruitment practices.


Safer Recruitment:

  • We operate safer recruitment procedures and make sure all appropriate checks are carried out on staff and volunteers who work with the children in line with “ Working together to safeguard children ”  (2010)
  • A CRB Enhanced Disclosure is obtained for all new appointments and all existing CRB Disclosures are renewed every three years on all staff, including volunteers and committee members.
  • We keep an updated single central record detailing all the checks carried out on all our staff.
  • Our DSL ( Designated Safeguard Lead ) has successfully completed the online safer recruitment training.
  • A full copy of our Safer Recruitment policy is available on request.



Prevent abuse by means of good practice: 

Safe working practice ensures that the child is safe and that all staff:

  • Are responsible for their own actions and behaviour and should avoid any conduct which would lead any reasonable person to question their motivation and intentions.
  • Work in an open and transparent way.
  • Work with colleagues where possible in situations that could be open to question.
  • Discuss and take advice from the groups DSL or management over any incident which may give rise for concern.
  • Record any incidents or decisions made.
  • Apply the same professional standards taking into account of diversity issues.
  • Be aware of information sharing and confidentiality policies.
  • Are aware that breaches of the law and other professional guidelines could result in criminal or disciplinary action being taken against them.

Respond appropriately to suspicions of abuse:

  • We intend to create in St.francis an environment in which children are safe from abuse and in which any suspicion of abuse is promptly and appropriately responded to.
  • The first concern will be the child. Children whose condition or behaviour has given cause for concern will be listened to, reassured and helped to understand that they are valued and respected and have not been at fault.
  • Changes in children’s behaviour/appearance will be investigated.
  • Parents will normally be the first point of reference, but if they are not in a position to allay any legitimate anxieties, the matter will also be taken up with the boroughs safeguarding team.
  • In exceptional circumstances, the safeguarding team/duty officer may be the first point of reference.
  • All such suspicions and investigations will be kept confidential and shared only with those who need to know. This will usually be the DSL, the Pre-school co-ordinator or keyworker involved.



  • Through curriculum opportunities, children are helped to talk about their feelings and staff are fully trained and aware of the needs of children in regard to their right to feel safe.
  • All staff will attend training opportunities to ensure that they recognise the symptoms of possible physical abuse, neglect, emotional abuse and sexual abuse.
  • Our DSL attends Safeguarding training every three years and completes an annual refresher course. All staff receive cascade training from the DSL every two years and any relevant updated training as required.
  • All staff and volunteers sign the groups code of conduct policy



Partnerships with Parents:

St.Francis shares a commitment with parents to educate and keep children safe from harm and to have their welfare promoted. We are committed to working with parents positively, openly and honestly. We ensure that parents are treated with respect, dignity and courtesy. We respect parents’ rights to privacy and confidentiality and will not share sensitive information unless we have permission or it is necessary to do so in order to protect a child. In most circumstances we will endeavour to discuss all concerns with parents, however, there may be exceptional circumstances when we will discuss concerns with Social care and/or the police without parental knowledge

( in accordance with the London Child Protection procedures )

We will, of course, always aim to maintain a positive relationship with all parents.

A copy of our Confidentiality, Data Protection and Sharing information policy and procedures are available on request.

Support families: 

  • St.Francis will take every step in its power to build up a trusting and supportive relationships between families and staff.
  • Where abuse at home is suspected, we will continue to welcome the child and family while the investigations proceed.
  • Confidential records kept on the child will be shared with the parents, with the proviso that the care and safety of the child must always be paramount, we will do all in our power to support and work with the child’s family.

Liaise with other bodies:

  • St.francis operates in accordance with guidelines laid down by the registering authority. Confidential records kept on children about whom St.francis is concerned will be shared with the borough safeguarding team, if we feel that adequate explanations for changes in a child’s condition have not been provided.
  • When a child leaves St.francis any child protection records will be copied and passed on to the new school as appropriate, a copy of these records will also be kept on file at St.Francis.

The group has a Whistleblowing policy and all staff and volunteers are made aware of the importance of reporting concerns and raising issues regarding safe working practices. Staff and volunteers are required to sign the groups code of conduct policy to acknowledge their compliance in working to all the groups policies and procedures.


LYNNE BARKER Contact – 020 85241886 or 07828413874