Children benefit from being taken out of the setting to go on visits or trips to local parks or other suitable places for activities which will enhance their learning experiences.  We at St. Francis take an annual trip to the farm.  We are also really lucky to have easy access to the local wildlife reserve behind the pre-school and to the forest which surrounds our premises.

Staff at St. Francis ensure that there are procedures in place to keep children safe on these outings.  All staff and volunteers are aware of and follow the procedures below.


  • Parents sign a general consent on their registration form for their children to be taken out as part of the daily activities of the group
  • There is a risk assessment for each venue carried out, which is reviewed regularly
  • Parents are always asked to sign specific consent forms before major outings
  • All risk assessments are available for parents to see
  • Our adult ratio is high, 1-2
  • Named children are assigned to individual staff to ensure each child is individually supervised.  This is to ensure no child can go astray and there is no unauthorised access to children
  • Outings are recorded in an outings register stating

- The date

- The venue and transport

- Names of staff assigned to named children

- Time of return

In the Event of a Child Going Missing on an Outing

  • As soon as it is noticed that a child is missing the key person/ staff member alerts the outing leader
  • The leader will carry out a thorough search and depending on the venue, alert staff at the venue
  • The register is checked to make sure that no other child has gone missing
  • Doors and gates are checked to see if there is a way the child could wander off
  • If the child is not found, the parent is contacted and the missing child reported to the police
  • The leader will talk to staff to find out when and where the child was last seen and this is recorded
  • A full investigation will be carried out by the management committee