Lunch Club

At St.Francis we promote a healthy lifestyle and to achieve this we adapt the following procedures for our lunch club.  We would ask that parents provide lunches that are both nutritious and healthy, taking into account their own child’s dietary needs.


We encourage the children to eat their sandwich or alternative meal first, before moving on to their yoghurts or snacks.  If you provide fruit and your child will not eat it whole or with the skin on can you please prepare it for them.  As you can appreciate we are busy at this time and are not able to do it for them.


We can provide either milk or water for the children during the lunch period, however if parents want an alternative drink, then they will need to provide this.  No Fizzy drinks please. 


               Snacks such as crisps, biscuits or chocolate snack bars are permitted and will be given to the children once they have eaten all the other food provided.      No sweets please.

Children benefit from the interaction of a lunch club and we feel it plays an important part of the social life of St.Francis as well as enhancing the children’s learning experiences.  Activities in the group encourage healthy eating and we regularly discuss their meal preferences.