Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Policy

St.Francis Pre-School believes that all children and adults have the right to be treated equally and central to all good inclusive practice are children’s rights.

In early years this could relate to:

A right to be included

By using the principle that inclusion is a right for all children, St.Francis can make sure that every child:

  • has an equal chance to learn and develop
  • participates equally in activities
  • is given the opportunity to communicate in their preferred format
  • has their individual needs known and met
  • feels safe and know they belong
  • is valued as a unique individual and
  • feels strong and confident about their identity.

St. Francis ensures that a child’s right to be included is at the heart of their practice by fully implementing the Early Years Foundation Stage framework and guidance.

Lawful practice

  • Equal Pay Act 1970
  • Sex Discrimination Act 1976
  • Disability Discrimination 1995
  • Race Relations Act 2000

For more information on the groups inclusive practice please refer to the group's Equal Opportunities Policy and the group's Special Educational Needs Policy & Practice